Gal Oya Lodge is more than just a Sri Lanka ecolodge. Our philosophy lies at the heart of the design – to bring you closer to nature and to protect the local environment. The concept lives in every detail, from the undisturbed lush forest of our mountain site to the natural materials – such as cajan, wood and illuk – used to create our bungalows. And, of course, we use appropriate technology and recycling to preserve precious natural resources such as water and energy.

Our desire to put nature first doesn’t mean that we’ve compromised on the things that make your holiday special. Gal Oya Lodge facilities include a restaurant, bar and swimming pool, seamlessly integrated into the scenic landscape. And the spacious bungalows have touches of luxury to make you feel at home. Our friendly locally-recruited staff are keen to share with you the stories and hospitality of the region. And the quality of our naturalist guides make us proud, sure to contribute to your visit by vividly bring alive the secrets of the natural world.


Sri Lankan culture and tradition are the inspirational elements at the heart of Gal Oya Lodge. Our bungalows draw their character from rural Sri Lankan villages, created using local techniques, tried and tested over time. Our tables and chairs are handmade by the local village craftsmen using teak and mara wood, applying traditional skills passed down from generation to generation.

Lodge at night

Cuisine and locally sourced food is a special highlight of Lodge life. Lovingly prepared, the day’s menu will include a choice of Sri Lankan and Western items, featuring home grown herbs and vegetables, and produce from neighbouring village farmers. Innovative, fresh and healthy, meals are served in the dining room. Be sure to try our delicious national favourites such as curries, sambol and roti.


Proximity and synergy with nature goes beyond design. It is the foundation of how we do things. Our enhanced Sri Lanka ecolodge concept follows environmentally sound practices including recycling, energy conservation, growing our own produce and using sustainable materials whenever we can. We have recently installed a wildlife training and research facility to work with local conservation organisations and to help protect wildlife.

Beautiful Pool