Life is all about experience. Feeling every moment. Stimulating the senses at every opportunity. Now and then something truly extraordinary happens. Something that lives on in our memory. Something we keep with us, always. Sharing treasured experiences binds us to family, friends and loved ones.


We know that everyone is different. Some like to relax by the pool, potter around our 20-acre private forest, and just bask in the atmosphere. Others want to explore nature and delve into more demanding adventures. And there are those that enjoy immersing themselves in local culture and soaking in the living heritage.


At Gal Oya Lodge we strive to craft individual and personalized experiences. Come, let us share them with you.


Our accomplished naturalist guides are waiting to show you the virgin lands and wild animals of Gal Oya. Every Sri Lanka safari promises to be thrilling and can deliver the unexpected.


At Gal Oya Lodge, we have created unique, guided experiences that re-imagine the traditional Sri Lanka safari idea. With one of our expert naturalists, take a boat safari on Sri Lanka’s largest lake and discover wildlife from a whole new perspective. You may be lucky enough to see the elephants swimming between islands or bathing at the lake’s edge. Birdlife is exceptional on the lake and you can be sure to glimpse white-bellied sea eagles, grey, and purple herons, and several species of cormorant. Migratory birds swell their ranks during the months of December to April.


As part of your individually customized visit, we also offer jungle drives, bicycle tours, riverside picnics, bird walks, naturalist treks and park hikes.

Lodge at night


You may not be familiar with the word Vedda, but it’s an ancient word evocative with Sri Lanka culture and tradition. The Vedda are the forest-dwelling, indigenous people of central Sri Lanka. They have inhabited the island for hundreds of years, living off the land and being at one with nature. Our Gal Oya Lodge neighbours are one of the last remaining communities of the Vedda people. We can invite the village chief to take you on a walk through the jungles of his ancestors. The forest comes alive as he explains his tribe’s use of medicinal plants, the location of their ancient hunting grounds and cave dwellings, as well as how hunter-gatherers sustained themselves in the ancient jungles of Gal Oya.


These are just a few of the timeless experiences on offer at Gal Oya Lodge. For more information, please download the activities pdf below. We will customise experiences to suit your needs, ensuring that you get the most out of every moment.

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