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Elephant Safari Sri Lanka – Unravel the Mystery

March 12th, 2015
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If you type Elephant safari Sri Lanka into any search engine, a multitude of content pops up on screen. Articles, posts,ratings, safari experiences; it’s all there for you to explore. Nature’s mystery quantified in an organised stream of data. Isn’t this tech-driven process symptomatic of a larger problem?


By entering Elephant safari Sri Lanka into Google, we’re automatically turning wildlife into some kind of searchable ‘product’, reducing its wonder and complexity. Once we delve into the data, it’s all about timetables, what’s included in the safari, prices and email reservations. We choose the safari as if it were a car or a new washing powder. The mysticism of pure nature is lost.


The world of information is structured in such a way that communicating on this digital level is unavoidable (we’re doing it right now). However, we’re not going to focus on the mechanics and information behind our elephant safari. You can find all that on our website. Rather, we’re going to give the search term ‘Elephant safari Sri Lanka’ a whole new meaning, lifting the curtain on a world unique to Gal Oya National Park.


Gal Oya National Park is home to Senanayake Samudra lake – Sri Lanka’s largest inland body of water. Its serene waters are punctuated with a variety of Islands, springing forth from the depths. This feature makes the park unique but it plays an even bigger role – turning an elephant safari into something different. Something you can’t find anywhere else on the island.


Elephant Safari in Sri Lanka at Gal Oya


Gal Oya National park is the only place where you can enjoy a safari by boat. Imagine, the water gently lapping the side of your boat as you float along, taking in the beauty around you. But you’re not alone. Gal Oya National park is home to over to 32 species of mammal including the langur, toque macaque, leopard, sloth bear, wild boar, water buffalo and deer. So you’re sure to see a variety a variety of animals, living peacefully in their natural habitat.


But Gal Oya National Park’s most famous resident is the Asian elephant. They roam through the forests and lush savanas, walking the same paths and drinking from the same waters as their ancestors. A war of living that has remained the same for hundreds of years. This is in itself, an awe-inspiring scene to behold. But there’s more. A ritual clouded in mystery, that’s so far removed from the ‘Elephant safari Sri Lanka’ product search online.


Elephant Safari in Sri Lanka


The elephants in Gal Oya National Park have evolved and adapted to their aqueous habitat, making them fantastic swimmers. If you’re lucky,you’ll see them swimming from island to island – moving with as much grace as any water-dwelling creature.


We know a little about this mysterious phenomenon. The elephants swim, in part, to get to different grazing areas on various islands – an action of necessity. However, it’s also sometimes a social activity done in small groups or a solo effort . The truth is no one knows all the meanings and motives behind the swimming elephants of Gal Oya National Park. And it’s something that’s still being studied today.


We can organize the only elephant safari in Sri Lanka that take place by boat. And it’s the soul place where you could see the Asian Elephant swimming from island to island and unravel the mystery yourself..


So if you do another search for ‘Elephant safari Sri Lanka’ just remember, in among-st the same old offerings lies Gal Oya Lodge, Gal Oya National Park and an elephant safari unlike anything else on the island.


complete the scene, the water’s surface is peppered with islands, a reminder of the terraferma rising from the depths. one of the best places in the world to witness the Asian elephant living peacefully in its natural habitat. As time shifted and society evolved, the elephant remained, carving out its niche and passing on knowledge from generation to generation.


On this Sri Lanka safari you should get to know the Asian elephant intimately. Imagine – you are taking in the gorgeous Sri Lanka wildlife, then suddenly an elephant appears out of a clearing. It moves slowly to the shoreline to take a drink, dipping its trunk into the water with diligence and dexterity. It’s a simple action. One of survival. And yet it speaks deeply to us – illustrating a harmony between animal and environment that is such a rarity. An image that stays in the consciousness forever.


Out of all the mammals in Gal Oya National Park, Elephants are the strongest swimmers. And they’ve claimed the leafy, green islands for their own. There are few sights in life more memorable than watching the Asian elephant swim from island to island. For a big creature, they move with such calm and purpose, emerging out the water to reveal their immense size. It’s really something you have to see for yourself.


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